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dropwizard-jobs in public maven repository

As I previously mentioned I really really loathe having to install publicly available packages to my local maven repository. While working on my personal API project, which I will return to in a later post once I've worked on it some more, I came across the need to use quartz within dropwizard with guice for dependency injection. I came across this nifty little library called dropwizard-jobs. Unfortunately as so many great projects I stumble across on github, the project isn't available in a public maven repository. So once again I decided to fork the project and publish it in my public maven repository.

This time around the project seems to be actively maintained, so I've reached out to the dev offering him access to the repository I created in case he wants to push to it himself. If I don't hear back from the dev I will not be actively adding anything to the project, but I will maintain the fork and repository with any updates that hit the original repository. If I forget, feel free to reach out by creating a ticket on github. If the original dev decides to use my repository, I will abandon the fork after the initial pull.

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The forked project is available at https://github.com/deadcyclo/dropwizard-jobs

The public maven repository is available at https://nexus.vanntett.net/content/repositories/dropwizard-jobs/

Photo by Tom Kulczycki / Unsplash