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Nutshell case: Protect your phone in style

When purchased my new Samsung Galaxy S2 I naturally also ordered a new handmade custom Nutshell case for it.

It's currently in production so I'm hoping it will be here within a week or two. If you need a case or pouch for your smartphone, your GPS, your handheld, or any other gadget you own, you really should look into ordering a nutshell. These guys are amazing. They produce custom handmade pouches for you out of real leather. The price is fairly high compared to most other cases, but so is the quality of these things. I've been using the Nutshell i got for my HTC Desire for a whole year, and it still looks brand new. When it comes to pouches and cases for gadgets the Nutshell puts all others to shame. I cannot praise these guys enough. I only wish they produced similar stuff for larger items like laptops, portable hard drives and the likes. I wouldn't hesitate a second before ordering Nutshells for them.

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I now own multiple nutshell cases, and I'm super happy with them all. However, I have replace both of my phones and my tablet since ordering my nutshells, so I need to order new ones soon. And just so you know, even after many years of use, my nutshells basically look unused.