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WarpMarkers - my first Minecraft plug-in

A few days ago I spent 48 hours creating my first ever Minecraft plug-in called WarpMarkers. This plugin outputs a JSON file containing the locations of Warppoints from the Essentials Bukkit plugin for use with various Minecraft mapping software.

When clicking on a marker on the map, the following information is shown: The name of the warppoint, who created it, and when, who last used it, and when. In addition WarpMarkers shows live messages for any Warppoint related event on the map (can be turned off). The project includes all of the files needed and installation instructions for the Minecraft Overviewer map generator. The events shown are: warppoint created, warppoint used and warppoint deleted.

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I have several future plans for the plug-in. First out is a complete refactoring of the code to make it easier for me to implement support for other plug-ins. I almost finished the refactoring, but needed a break, so the last couple of days I've spend working on my websites instead. I'll get back to the plug-in as soon as I feel up to more java (I hate how java makes me write a whole book just to do the simplest thing). I also have ideas ready for several other Minecraft plug-ins that I'm planning on creating.

The code is on github

Photo by Luke Besley / Unsplash