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Bookreview: Acorna's People

Politically correct and boring by McCaffrey

Written by Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth A. Scarborough
Written in English
ISBN 978-0552546591

Acorna has finally found her own people who she has yet to know. While getting to know her new people she is presented with a challenge. She discovers that child labor and slavery is more or less accepted in this world. Something bad Acorna of course must stop. We follow her fight to rid the world of this bad practice and her ability to avoid all of the new enemies she obtains.

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This is possibly the least interesting book in the series about Acorna. The book is just as well written and exciting as the others in the series, but the story is so politically correct, and it's quite obvious that McCaffrey is drawing a parallel to our own world and a topic that's close to her own heart. It actually gets quite annoying. This book would have been much better as a standalone book set in a seperate world. Instead McCaffrey has mixed politics into her otherwise so amazing fantasy world og sucked out the mood.