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Bookreview: Acorna's quest

Fantastic followup

Written by Anne McCaffrey
Written in English
ISBN 978-0061057908

This is the second book in a series of six books about Acorna written by Anne McCaffrey. The book can be read by itself, but one gets much more from it if one knows the prehistory and has read the first book in the series - even though you get a good summary of the prehistory in the first chapter.

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The same rules that applied for the first book apply for this book also: The cover and the title give a very wrong impression of what type of book this actually is. It looks like pulp fiction, the type with horses, unicorns and driveling love stories. Don't be fooled. This impression could not be further from the truth. This book is a great science fiction novel of a quality much greater than many modern science fiction.

The story is action from start to finish. The characters in the book are easy to identify with and one gets the impression early on that one knows the people personally. The story is a great followup to the story about Acorna, an alien being that somewhat resembles a unicorn, who comes in contact with humans right after her birth. This book is the story about Acorna's search for her own people.

This is a great book for anybody who likes good science fiction and after reading the first book one cannot miss out on the continuation. Highly recommended.