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Bookreview: Third Watch: Acorna's Children


Written by Anne McCaffrey
Written in English
ISBN 978-0060525439

This is a book that should never have been written. McCaffrey should never have continued this series and should have let the series die with the books about Acorna. The story is dull, boring and very predictable. The main characters are bleak shadows of what they once were and the new characters are not very believable and it almost seems like they were created in frustration while trying to push the story forward.

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There is no drive to the story. It resembles a plastic bag floating meaninglessly in a river. One gets the impression that McCaffrey just sat down and wrote the book from start to finish without any planning or contemplation.

There is an expression that describes this book well; beating a dead horse. Somebody should tell McCaffrey that it's time to create something new because this is just embarrassing. This book cannot be recommended, even to the biggest die hard McCaffrey fan.