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Bookreview: Acornas World

Fantastic as always

Written by Anne Mccaffrey & Elizabeth A. Scarborough
Written in English
ISBN 978-0061059841

”Acornas world” is, like all of the books in the Acorna series, fantastic. This is yet another masterpiece from McCaffreys pen. During a travel with her dear friends and saviors Acorna comes across a planet where they find a ship with all of the signs of an attack from the always aggressive and destructive Khleevi. They realize that everything and everybody they hold dear are in danger. It seems like the Khleevi are launching an attack that will destroy everything in this part of the galaxy. The struggle to save themselves and to understand the whys, hows, and whos of the Khleevi has started.

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The book is amazingly exiting, and completely impossible to put down once you have started reading it. Still it doesn’t quite measure up to the first books in this series. It does however top most books available in the fantasy genre, and is absolutely worth reading. If you have started reading the series, there is no stopping.