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Barcode reader test: Glass

I have tested 6 different barcode readers for mobile phones. And I will publish a review of each barcode reader here. The third barcode reader is Glass. Unfortunately I don't have much to base this test on, so if somebody could help me out I would be grateful. The glass barcode reader seems to have great potential. Unfortunately it doesn't support the 6260 or the N80 so I have no means of testing the software. This software (if technically good) probably would be the best, unfortunately it only works with Nokia 3650, 3660, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680, 7620, 7650, N70, and Siemens SX1. If anybody has any of these handsets and would like to test the software and give me some feedback of how it works, please use the contact link at the bottom of this review.

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From the glass barcode encoding form it seems that this software will support a whole lot more than most barcode software for mobile phones. It can scan both QR, datamatrix and something they call cool datamatrix (witch is basically a fancy datamatrix). It also supports the following link types with in the barcode Web, SMS, Dial and Contact. But here comes the good part, their encoder also supports text, in addition to plain and base encoded data with mime type. This leads me to believe that their barcode scanner also supports images being encoded in the barcode. Barcodes encoded with their encoder also work with other scanners like Nokia barcode scanner and Kaywa.


I really wish that I had a handset that allowed me to test this barcode reader, or even better that they supported more handsets. 10 handsets supported is nothing compared to most other barcode readers.

If you have one of the handsets required and would like to test the software, grab it from http://activeprint.org/g with your WAP browser.

Photo by Michael Murphy / Unsplash