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Barcode reader test: Nokia Barcode reader

I have tested 9 different barcode readers for mobile phones. And I will publish a review of each barcode reader here. The next barcode reader I'm going to review is Nokia barcode reader. Nokia barcode reader was the first barcode reader that could scan non-closed format barcodes. Nokia barcode reader supports scanning Datamatrix and QT barcodes. It supports the following data stored in a barcode: Web link, Text and Dial (in other words a phone number). The nice thing about Nokia barcode scanner is that it isn't closed. In other words anybody can create barcodes to be scanned with the software, and nobody has to pay for using it.

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The bad thing about Nokia barcode scanner is that it doesn't work. It's almost impossible to get it to scan a code. Codes on a LCD screen with backlight can mostly be scanned, but it takes a lot of patience to get it to work. Codes on a piece of paper only work if you have a really bright lamp shining on the paper. Basically the only thing this software offers you is frustration. This software made me believe that mobile phone barcode scanners weren't grown up yet, and I delayed using this technology for over a half a year, until I discovered that somebody else actually had got this technology working.


Sorry Nokia, this software should never have been released. Leave this kind of development to the experts, or purchase a company that knows what they are doing.

Score: 1/10

If you want to try the software, just enter the Download application on your phone (located under the Web menu), and select Nokia Barcode reader.

Photo by Wahyu Setiawan / Unsplash