New improved web search

Nokia E-series phones have an advanced search application that allows you to search your messages, e-mails, calendar events, contacts, to-dos, notes and files. For some reason it isn’t part of their N-series phones, perhaps to make their E-series more attractive. Luckily it’s possible to install the search application on any Symbian 3rd edition device. So now you can get advanced search on your N-series phone.


Start the application from the phones menu.


Choose which elements you would like to search for by checking and unchecking the checkboxes available. Enter the keyword(s) you want to search for in the text box at the bottom. Hit search.


The phone will show a list of all of the element types you searched for, and how many elements it found in each category.


Click on the element type you are interested in, and your phone will show you preview list of the elements it found.


Click on the element you are interested in and your phone will open it.

How to install

There are two different ways you can install the new application:

Go to your phones installed program settings and uninstall the web search application and all of its plug-ins. After this is completed, start the download application, locate the web search application on the list and install.


Use the download link below (it will redirect you to Nokias webpage for download), download the application, and install it like any other application. The application will automatically place it self over the old version.

Download Nokia Websearch

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