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Bookreview: Dark fire

Historical fiction at its best

Written by C. J. Sansom
Written in English
ISBN 978-0143036432

After the fantastic experience of "Dissolution" my first thought was that the follow-up "Dark Fire" couldn't possibly be better. Just goes to show how wrong you can be.

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"Dark fire" is, believe it or not, just as good as "Dissolution", possibly even better. This is the second book in the series about "Shardlake", a lawyer in England in the middle of the 15-hundreds with the right contacts and the dangerous contacts. The book is so historically correct and the characters so authentic that one can almost smell them. This, combined with a wonderful story and amazing excitement, makes this a book you absolutely should not miss. This is a book you will have huge problems putting down and you will wish it was much thicker. Sansom is the king of historical fiction.
I eagerly recommend this book, unless you mind a couple of sleepless nights with a book you can't put away in your hand.