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Bookreview: Deception point

Amazingly exciting

Written by Dan Brown
Written in English
ISBN 978-0743497466

Deception point is a book one discovers after reading The Da Vinci code by the same author. Deception Point is, if possible, even more exciting. The book is completely impossible to put down. Each chapter ends at its most exciting, and you have to read at least three more chapters before you get back to the same action. It's quite easy to read the book in one weekend.

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The plot is maybe not the most original when it comes to plots. Not very uncommon for this genere. However the book offers a very exciting solution and the story offers new and exciting turns at every bend. The language is simple and straight forward making the book quite easy to read. It's a good book to read on a long train or plane trip giving one self time to read it undisturbed. Highly recommended.