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New blog visual and technology stack

Over the last few months I've been working on a completely new version of this blog. I've acquired an additional VPS and completely re-made the blog with a new design and a completely new technology stack. This is the first step in a process I have started to migrate all of my existing sites to new sites with new designs and better and more modern technology. Knowing my tempo, this process will continue for at least a couple of years.

So what's the technology behind the new blog? For starters I've created a completely new design based on Twitter Bootstrap. If you don't know what Bootstrap is, you probably should. It's a great CSS and (optional) Javascript framework for creating modern web pages. And it's great. Even backend nerds like myself can create usable sites using Bootstrap.

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On the backend, a lot has changed. First of all I've moved this site to a new VPS, Tilaa. I'm fairly happy with Tilaa. They are fairly inexpensive, helpful, and I really like their system that allows you to order exactly what you need in terms of CPU, RAM, Disk Space, SSD, etc, and being able to change these when needed. Admittedly I've had a bit more problems with them compared to Linode. Twice they have had bugs in their billing system and in addition they didn't partition my disk correctly so I only had 4 GB partitioned and 96 GB unpartitioned. I also use Tilaa for work purposes to run our Liferay demo servers.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev / Unsplash