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Posting to Drupal sites from Emacs

I just discovered that the weblogger-mode for GNU/Linux can be used to post content to Drupal websites. Posting new content to my sites should be a breeze from now on. This should result in much more frequent posts here as well. I really wish I had known about weblogger-mode ages ago, I could have saved so much time.

I've combined weblogger-mode with markdown-mode, markdown filter, lot's of my own custom filters for custom filter and a bunch of custom lisp in my .emacs to create an extremely speedy, simple and powerful way of posting on my websites.

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If you use Drupal and Emacs you really should check out this option, it's really great. If you are interested in more details about this, feel free to contact me, and I'll write up a more detailed post here.

Photo by Kevin / Unsplash