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Quickmark yet again - lots of new goodies

There haven't been many updates here lately. I was on vacation for a month this summer, and after that I've been quite busy. I have however been working on a couple of great articles to post here. So in a short while there should be some really good updates available.This however is just a short update on what's been going on at quickmark. First of all their website quickmark.biz is no longer available. I've changed the URL in the articles to the new site.

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Secondly quickmark has launched a new website that's easier to navigate and use. Their barcode generator is much better than the previous version, and still supports all of the formats and functions they previously supported. Check it out.

Last but not least quickmark has launched a beta version of something called quickmark for webcam. As far as I know it basically allows you to run the quickmark application on your computer, and scan barcodes via a web camera. This is really great news, and makes their product range even more complete. I haven't had time to test quickmark for webcam yet, but as soon as I do, I'll write a review here.

Photo by Allef Vinicius / Unsplash