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Bookreview: Sovereign

Historical fiction at its best

Written by C. J. Sansom
Written in English
ISBN 978-0143113171

Sansom has done it yet again. The third book about "Shardlake", a British lawyer in the fifteen hundreds with high contacts, is just as good as the previous two. Sansom is a master of historical fiction and has managed in a fabulous way to create a nerve wrecking and amazingly exciting story in an authentic environment with authentic people.

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You almost feel like you are present in the fifteen hundreds Great Britain while reading this book. So often historical fiction is only a modern whodunit set in a historical environment, however this is not the case with Sansoms work. He has masterfully managed to create not only authentic characters but also an authentic environment and story. The book is nerve wrecking from start to finish, and completely impossible to put down. This is a book you should't start reading unless you have time to finish it, preferably in one sitting. And when the book is done you will yearn for more.