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Syncml Push Messages in Funambol

I've finally had time to sit down and do some research on syncml push messages. Basically what I've done is made a perl script that kicks in when funambols log is changed. It then checks if the log any changes have occurred what device initiated the changes. If it decides that these are changes that the my cell phone needs to know about, it sends a push message to my phone telling it to update, and my phone automatically updates. It also sends different messages depending upon what needs to be updated; calendar, contacts or both.

I synchronize my mobile phone only when I need to, and outlook automatically synchronizes every 15 minutes. This means that any given change will be automatically synchronized on all devices maximum 15 minutes after the change occurs.

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I'm planning on looking into other cool stuff that can be done with push messages in the future. I'll keep my readers updated. Anyhow, I'm planning on writing a tutorial describing the funambol push message setup I created as soon as possible. It might take a few days though, seeing as the process was a lot of work. I'll post the tutorial here as soon as it's done.

Photo by Jake Blucker / Unsplash