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Bookreview: The Dolphins of Pern

Brilliant by McCaffrey

Written by Anne McCaffrey
Written in English
ISBN 978-0345368959

“The dolphins of Pern” introduces a completely new dimension of the dragon world called Pern. When humans first colonized Pern they brought with them dolphins that had been genetically manipulated to be able to talk. After a huge volcano eruption that forced the whole population to move and in their fight against the “threads” attacking Pern the people lost contact with the dolphins. One day a young boy is saved by dolphins when his fishingboat capsizes in a storm. This story is about the boy and the dolphins (better known as “shipfish”) on Pern.

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The book is like so many other of McCaffreys books fantastic, exciting and has an amazing atmosphere that spellbinds the reader. It’s easy to get trapped in this book, and almost completely impossible to put it down. Chronologically the story in “The dolphins of Pern” takes place at the same time as the story in “All the weyrs of Pern”, but it doesn’t make a difference which you read first as the stories are completely separate with only a few references between the books. Not like her previous books where the stories are connected like puzzle pieces. Recommended!