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Bookreview: The God Delusion

A fantastic book everybody should read

Written by Richard Dawkins
Written in English
ISBN 978-0618918249

The main message of this book is, as of today, probably more relevant in the States than in Norway. Being an atheist is more accepted in our society than the societies this book probably is aimed at. Still it’s probably a good idea to be reminded of some of Dawkins arguments.

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If nothing else this is a great book you can use to awaken your own thoughts and attitudes and perhaps gain more insight on the topic. Perhaps it can even help you establish why you have the attitudes you have. No matter if you completely agree, completely disagree or just somewhat agree with Dawkins you have to agree on the fact that Dawkins is a fantastic author. The book is very funny and it’s quite clear that Dawkins is very inspired by Douglas Adams. Dawkins is also very good at explaining complex scientific and philosophical thoughts in a way easy to understand, even for a layman. No matter if you are a highly religious person or a hardcore atheist this is a book you can enjoy. If you’re a religious person you are going to be provoked, if you are an atheist you’ll probably nod with agreement, but no matter what you will not regret reading it.