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Bookreview: The pilgrim of hate

Typical Ellis Peters

Written by Ellis Peters
Written in English
ISBN 978-0751527346

"The pilgrim of hate" is yet another fantastic middle age whodunit by Ellis Peters. The book starts a bit dull. The first 3-4 chapters are actually boring. But after a while things get much better. The story gets much more exciting and the end is down right nerve wrecking.

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As usual Ellis Peters has managed to put a layer of fog over the mystery so that you have no idea what's going on before you get the solution served to you at the end. You are quite a detective if you manage to guess the solution before "brother Cadfael". Peters has a unique ability to be able to camouflage the story without the story becoming dull.

As usual the environment and the characters are very authentic and you can almost smell the middle ages. Quite often middle age whodunits are just a modern whodunit set in a middle age environment, but that's not the case here. This is completely authentic.

All in all this is absolutely a book you should read, however the books about "brother Cadfael" should be read chronologically. In other words don't start with this book.