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Bookreview: Acorna's Search

A strange and obscure story

Written by Anne Mccaffrey & Elizabeth A. Scarborough
Written in English
ISBN 978-0380818464

"Acorna's Search" is the firth book in the series about Acorna. While Acorna struggles to rebuild her home planet after the massive attack from the Khleevi, strange things start to happen. The Linyaarie working on the planets surface start to disappear one by one. Even after all of the precautions are taken the disappearances continue, and finally Aari, Acornas chosen, dissappears.

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Acorna is now torn between helping with the rebuilding and the hunt for her missing boyfriend. The hunt leads her down in a very strange prehistoric part of the planet. A mystic city below the surface.

This book isn't one of the best in the series. Not because it's badly written, but because the story is so obscure and vague. One feels like a big questionmark through the entire second part of the book, and no answers are offered. The book justs ends without any questions being answered. This is the kind of book that one might ponder on and be annoyed at long after finishing reading it. It really challenges your imagination.

I recommend it anyway.