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Bookreview: Big Fish

A fantastic story

Written by Daniel Wallace
Written in English
ISBN 978-0142004272

Big Fish is a wonderful fairytale for grownups. A good one too. The book is amazing and completely impossible to put down. This book puts you in a good mood.

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The language is quite simple and the book is easy to read. If one is a native to the southern USA and Alabama in particular one should pick up quite a bit of silliness and satire between the lines. Being from the south, however, is a bonus and not mandatory.

The great thing about this book is that even though the story is full of absurdities, it's quite easy to identify with the characters. One of the reasons this book is such a fabulous read is probably just that.

A movie has been made based on the book, however as unusual as it might sound you can still read the book after seeing the movie without getting annoyed. The book isn't any worse after watching the movie. It might actually be just the opposite.

This is feelgood reading at it's very best. Highly recommended.