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Bookreview: Dissolution

Historical fiction at its best

Written by C. J. Sansom
Written in English
ISBN 978-0142004302

Historical fiction has a tendency to feel a little half done and dull. C. J. Sansom however is the living proof that it's possible to write amazingly good historical fiction. "Dissolution", the first book in the series about "Shardlake", is a fantastic "who done it" set in the English fifteen hundreds.

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The book is exciting from page one and almost impossible to put down. As soon as one is finished one has to through oneself over the next book. At the same time the book is so historically correct that it almost gives you the shivers. It's amazing how Samson manages to create such an exciting story and at the same time manages to keep the environment and characters as authentic as he does. Samson is Gods gift to the historical fiction genere. You can almost smell the fifteen hundred Great Britain while reading this book.

I eagerly recommend this book, unless you mind a couple of sleepless nights with a book you can't put away in your hand.