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Bookreview: Revelation

Sansom has done it again

Written by C. J. Sansom
Written in English
ISBN 978-0670020515

Shardlake is back again. This time with the new title sargent. Once again he has managed to stumble into a case that gets him involved in a high political game. The first couple of chapters are a bit dull and not very promising for the rest of the book, but this passes quite fast and this ends up to be the best book in the Shardlake series yet. It's amazing how Sansom manages to describe England during the fifteen hundreds. As usual the characters, the story and the environment are so authentic that it almost gives you the shivers. When Sansom describes London during the fifteen hundreds you can almost smell it.

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As usual the main mystery is puzzled together with lots of small mysteries. And none of it is dull. Every single page is exciting, and the book is impossible to put down.

Sansom is a master of historical fiction, and this is his best yet. The only negative thing about this book is that it's the last one published, so you will have to wait a while for the next one. Highly recommended.