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Bookreview: Dragonsblood

A breath of fresh air in the Pern series

Written by Tod McCaffrey
Written in English
ISBN 978-0345441256

Anne McCaffrey has finally let her son, Todd McCaffrey, enter the Pern world and has written two books in cooperation with him. This is the first book about Pern Todd has written on his own, with huge success. The series about Pern has over the years lost some of it's spunk. Quite obviously Anne just doesn't have the inspiration she used to.

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Dragon's blood on the other hand definitely is fresh blood. This book is at least as good as the first books Anne wrote in the seventies. It's down right fantastic. You really have to force yourself to put the book down.

This bolds well for the future. Allowing Todd access was obviously a very smart thing to do. I'm looking forward to more of his writing. Highly recommended.