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Bookreview: Dragon's Fire

Pern is Back

Written by Anne and Todd McCaffrey
Written in English
ISBN 978-0345480293

This is yet a fantastic book about the dragon world of Pern by McCaffrey. The quality of her writing is back to what it was at the beginning of this series written in the seventies. This is mostly due to the fact that she has welcomed her son Todd in. The book is written in cooperation between the two, and Todd has obviously added a lot to the series.

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The book is split in two separate parts, but the stories are connected and what a story it is. This time it's not the dragon riders who are in focus. Instead the book focuses on other people living on Pern. It's quite exciting to finally get a look at some of the other lives living on the planet.

As usual the story is interconnected with several other books in a very successful manner, although not quite as elegantly as with the first books in the series.

This is absolutely a book I can recommend, and now that Todd has been introduced into the writing the series can live on. Still one should read some of the earlier books first to get full advantage of this book.