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Bookreview: Innføring i datakommunikasjon

It's actually possible to write good Norwegian computer books

Written by Øyvind Hallsteinsen; Bjørn Klefstad; Olav Skundberg; m.fl.
Written in Norwegian
ISBN 9788205384149

This is something as unusual as a sucsessful Norwegian computer book. The authors have done a great job writing this book. It's very informative, you learn what you need to learn and it's very easy to read. It's not full of "embarrassing" words like Norwegian computer books normally are. The authors obviously have put a lot of effort into finding good Norwegian words that work.

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You will not find lot of "padding material" like you normally find in this type of computer books. It gets right down to business, explains the things you need to know, nothing less, nothing more. Learning is fun with this book. The book starts with the fundamentals and ends with a dive into the lowest levels of computer communications. This book works if you are a beginner. It works if you are more experienced. Even experts should read this book, just to learn the fact that you actually can talk computer in Norwegian.