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Bookreview: First Warning: Acorna's Children

depressing by McCaffrey

Written by Anne McCaffrey
Written in English
ISBN 978-0060525392

Acorna's Children is the first book in a new series by McCaffrey written as a followup to the series about Acorna. The series about Acorna is quite good, and McCaffrey should have let dead horses lie. This followup is completely unnecessary. The book is dull and boring and should never have been written.

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It's quite obvious that McCaffrey has started writing just for the sake of writing. She has lost her passion. The story is not exciting or well written. The book is full of "padding". Each time a person is mentioned a couple of sentences are written about who the person is or what the person has done even though the facts have been mentioned in the book previously, often more than once.

Most of the characters from the original series are included here also, but they have totally lost their passion. They are no longer exciting characters with personal development, but rather trivial people with weak characters. Several new characters have been introduced, but they are nothing but weak copies of previous characters. This book is a real downer. Avoid it unless you are a die hard fan who has to read all of her literature no matter how bad.