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Neo Freerunner - my new hacking toy

Yesterday I received a Neo Freerunner in the mail. I've spent a little bit of time installing the newest OpenMoko and also the latest QT Extended. So hopefully I'll soon start to write some apps for the Freerunner, and start writing some guides.

Other stuff going on in my life (I finally finished my exams this semester, so now I have time to start updating my sites, and start doing all of the stuff I had planned for this fall that I never got around to). Anyhow. My mythtv PVR, X10 controlling, completely over the top geek toy crashed this fall, so now I'm busy re-installing and adding some cool features. I'll post some tutorials and information about the system as I go along. (PS. If anybody has any tips on getting WOL working on Ubuntu 8.10 I'd be happy. It worked fine on 8.04)

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Oh. And one last thing. For one of the subjects I did this fall I started a project to create a better configuration utility for OpenBox. Hopefully I'll have a little bit of time for finishing that project too.

I created a combined Norwegian/English dictionary for QT Extended. If you have any use for it go a head and download it here

Photo by Oskar Krawczyk / Unsplash