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New Nokia PC Suite v 6.84 out

Yesterday Nokia launched a new version of their Nokia PC Suite software. The 6.84 version of this software in addition to enhancements to performance and stability, offers a completely new feature; the ability to synchronize files between your phone and your computer automatically.

Files and Folder Sync is part of the Sync applet of PC Suite (also used to Sync Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks, etc.). It allows you to specify a folder on your PC to be kept in-sync with a folder on your phone. This allows you to easily use the same documents on your phone and PC, and also simplifies the process of uploading multiple documents to your phone.

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As you see on the image above the only settings are the folder you want to sync, which memory on the phone to sync it to; phone-memory or memory-card, and a feature that lets you specify the maximum file-size that will be synchronized.

The synchronization is based on date. Newest file version will always win.

Hopefully Nokia will continue developing this feature, as it has potential to be a great thing. It works fine as is now, but there are several things that would easily make it better; the ability to synchronize more than one folder, possibility of adding advanced synchronization rules, etc.

Photo by Ehud Neuhaus / Unsplash