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Quickmark Symbian 3rd edition release

Quickmark has finally released their Symbian 3rd edition version Quickmark has finally released their Symbian 3rd edition version barcode reader, becoming in my opinion the best barcode reader for camera cell phones available barcode reader, becoming in my opinion the best barcode reader for camera cell phones available today.

In my previous test Quickmark would have been the best barcode reader, but was passed by Kaywa due to the fact that they didn’t offer a 3rd edition version. This has now finally changed. The following should give you good reason to switch to Quickmark: Quickmark barcode reader offers much better functionality than Kaywa. You can encode a many different data types in a barcode that Quickmark will understand and not Kaywa. Quickmark also offers a very nice encode feature for free on their website. You can choose to encode barcodes in the Quickmark format which normally gives you a smaller, more easily scanned barcode but will only work with the Quickmark barcode scanner. If you like you can also choose to encode QR code, if you want your barcodes readable with other scanners. Most scanners (including Kaywa) will read QR codes.

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Quickmark supports the following data: Website, Phone call, Bookmark, Send SMS, Send Email, Address book, vCard, meCard, Text, Encrypted text, Partially Encrypted text, Magic Jigsaw, and LBS. For more information about the formats read my previous review of Quickmark. The partial encryption is new. It allows you to add to separate texts to the barcode, one that will be displayed when the barcode is scanned, the other will not be displayed until you enter the decryption password.

Quickmark also differs from Kaywa by allowing you a much better choice of what to do with the data contained in the barcode after you have scanned it. The user interface is much more intuitive and much easier to use. Basically Quickmark gives you a much better user experience than Kaywa and any other barcode reader for cell phones I’ve found. It’s also totally free to use. Last, but not least, the Symbian 3rd edition Quickmark reader doesn’t go panoramic like Kaywa does on my N80, making it much easier to use.

I recommend anybody who has chosen Kaywa as their barcode readers based on my tests, to switch to Quickmark. You’ll be in for a much better barcode experience. Personally Quickmark is my new personal choice, although I still have Kaywa on my phone for testing reasons.

To download register an account at their website.

Photo by Ryan Moreno / Unsplash