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Bookreview: The Confession of Brother Haluin

Ellis Peters strikes again

Written by Ellis Peters
Written in English
ISBN 978-0751511154

Cadfael receives brother Haluins confessions on his deathbed. Haluin survives and when he later gets better he and Cadfael embark on a travel to repent Haluins old sins. As time goes by Cadfael starts to realize that something is amiss.

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This isn't a traditional who-done-it. The reader discovers quite quickly what has happened and the solution to the mystery. The charm lies in the story itself and how Cadfael comes to his conclusions.

As usual Peters has created a highly authentic and realistic environment with believable and sympathetic characters. The story is very exciting and the book is hard to put down. The Cadfael books quite often contain large amounts of suffering and unfairness, something that perhaps belongs to the middle ages, but the final part of this story is really a feelgood story. It will make you happy.

This is one of the better Cadfael books, but still isn't the best of the best. Highly recommended, but make sure you read the series in chronological order.