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Bookreview: The renegades of Pern

Impossible to put down

Written by Anne McCaffrey
Written in English
ISBN 978-0345369338

The reneages of Pern is of the classic McCaffrey literature. Extremely hard to put down, very exciting and quite easy to dream oneself away in. In the beginning the story jumps at each chapter between both time, place and persons and later on all of the stories are puzzled together in an impressive way, just like in her older books about Pern It's quite delightful to experience how all of the loose ends are nested up.

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There are also lots of cross references to several of the other stories about Pern, and it's amazing how well McCaffrey manages to keep track of it all.

This is definitely one of McCaffreys better books and well worth while reading.But be aware that when you first start it's completely impossible to put the book down.