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Bookreview: The salmon of doubt

A tribute to a master

Written by Douglas Adams
Written in English
ISBN 978-0345455291

Douglas Adams was one of the great masters of British humour. This is a post hume collection of small bits of his work. Most of it has been previously published in different magazines and other similar places, while the rest is unpublished work. It's amazing how Adams managed to describe even the most trivial and everyday events in such a laughable manner.

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Just his discription of all of the things you need to charge all of you other things makes this book worth while. I don't laugh out loud while reading very often, but this book sure toned my laughing muscles. Adams was fascinated with the theory of evolution, and obviously there is a humour gene, and obviously it comes from the Britts. "Survival of the fittest" in the spirit of Adams.

We also get a peek at how good friends Adams and Dawkins where and how much they inspired each other. This is a fantastic tribute to a master who was forced to leave us way to soon. Highly recommended.