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Bookreview: The Rose Rent

yet another fantastic medieval who-done-it

Written by Ellis Peters
Written in English
ISBN 978-0751517415

A widow who has donated her old house to the cloister asking only for one white rose from the garden each year is kidnapped. At the same time somebody is working their hardest to make sure that the rose rent isn't payed. Yet again brother Cadfael must step in and solve the mystery.

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This is Peters at her absolute best. This is an amazing story. She serves us, not only a very authentic story with very believable characters and environment, but a very exciting and nerve-racking story. This is a brilliant who-done-it.

You should not start reading this book before you know you have time to complete it in one sitting as you soon will discover you want to read it from start to finish. It's a pearl of a book and I highly recommend it. Just make sure you read the series about brother Cadfael in order to get full advantage of it.