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Bookreview: The Wishsong of Shannara

Fantasy at its best

Written by Terry Brooks
Written in English
ISBN 978-0345356369

This is the third book in the original trilogy about Shannara, and it doesn't disappoint. The books is at least as exciting as it's predecessors and a book every fantasy lover must read. On the cover there is a quote stating that if you haven't read Terry Brooks you haven't read fantasy, a quote not that far from the truth.

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Brooks has, over the last to books, matured greatly as a fantasy author. All of the cliches found in the first book is gone. The only negative thing about this book is the fact that Brooks is moving away from having multiple stories in parallel like he did in the beginning. Instead he presents the stories one after the other. Personally I prefer the first style.

Once again the main characters are completely new characters but with strong relations to the previous main characters. This allows Brooks to create yet a fantastic book exciting from start to finish and impossible to put down without the story becoming repetitive.

Highly recommended. This is something for everybody who loves fantasy.