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Bookreview: The Hermit of Eyton Forrest

yet another fantastic medieval who-done-it

Written by Ellis Peters
Written in English
ISBN 978-0751511147

A young boy looses his parents and inherits the title Lord from his father. A body appears in the woods and a servant the young boy has befriended becomes the prime suspect. Meanwhile the boys grandmother wants the boy to leave the cloister and come home so she can form his mind in her image. Yet another mystery only solvable my Cadfael has appeared.

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This is a very good book and describes the medieval England in a fantastic way. Ellis Peter really knows how, in addition to creating fantastic stories, to create authentic characters and environments. The series about brother Cadfael just gets better book by book, this book no exception except for the fact that the previous book, "Rose Rent" was just a little bit better.

Once again it's not the mystery that makes the book exciting, rather the story of how Cadfael actually solves it. Medieval crime is so often just a regular who-done-it in i medieval setting. That's not the case here. This is really authentic. Highly recommended, but make sure to read the series chronologically.