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Bookreview: The Sword of Shannara

Extremely good fantasy debut

Written by Terry Brooks
Written in English
ISBN 978-0345314253

"The sword of Shannara" was the first book Terrry Brooks wrote after discovering Tolkien. That shows. Especially the first half of the book is highly inspired by Tolkiens masterpiece. Still the book is extremely well written and of much higher quality than a lot of fantasy on the market. Writing a 700 page book without a single dull page is quite impressive, especially when it's your debut in the genre, but Brooks did it.

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After you get over the first small disappointment over the similarities with "The Lord of the Rings" the book is impossible to put down. Not only is the book continuesly nerve wreckingly exciting, but Brooks has managed to create an impressive amount of fantastic and realistic characters who are continuesly evolving and showing new sides of their personality.

You don't come across fantasy at this level very often, and this book should be regarded as a pearl.This is a book any fan of the genre has to have read. I highly recommend this book.