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Blog in emacs org-mode with autopublish with jekyll and git

I forgot to post this here before now. A couple of months ago I finally got a new quick to post to blog up and running, since I hardly ever seem to update this one other then when I write tutorials and guide.

To make a long story short: I created a blog using emacs, org-mode, jekyll and git/gitosis. The result: When browsing the net, or working in emacs all I have to do to post in (including the url of the page I'm on if I'm browsing) is: Hit a keyboard shortcut, type the blog entry as org-mode formated text, save it, hit a second keyboard shortcut.

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The blog entries are automagickally put in my blog (not really magick - since a do actually know what goes on under the hood). Head on to my new blog at blog.vanntett.net

I will continue to post my tutorials and guides here, while the new blog will be used for quick and dirty entries about cool ideas, sites, ways of doing things, etc.

Photo by Andrew Neel / Unsplash